adam & eve + love apples –CONNECTION– halifax apartment photo shoot

adam + eve

photographs taken by amy mackenzie

photographs taken by amy mackenzie

“Look at him in a way that says, ‘what are we about to do? What is this craziness?’ Amy says with a giggle in her voice, “Yeah, yeah. That’s great.”
I look over at Lloyd my expression is extreme. I’m really going to enjoy this apple. He has a look of horror on his face. ‘Snap’ the photograph is taken. Still locked into our roles the photo-shoot continues. Soon we are attacking our apples and delighting in the delicious experience paying no attention to the obviously lifeless snakes on our shoulders.

We are both dressed alike, giving a somewhat androgynous appearance to the whole Adam and Eve scenario. Amy is attempting to equalize our roles within an ancient religious mythology. Our lips are painted red, dressed in red we have our OWN snakes and we both where eyeliner that makes our eyes POP so wonderfully. This is one of the fun projects one gets to work on while in art school. Subverting tradition, questioning normality and dressing up in front of cameras.

Although I was brought up in a family filled with agnostics and atheists I, like most people am all too familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. It is the one biblical tale, which out of any seems to be the most remembered amongst us secular folk.
I’ve only attended a church three times in my entire life, twice by invitation and once by obligation. Why does Adam and Eve resonate so much outside of sacred gathering spaces? Perhaps it is because the story resembles a soap opera. It’s filled with intrigue, scandal and most importantly NUDITY and an apple. Did Adam and Eve make the apple sexy? And what about the tomato? Arguably tomatoes are much sexier and are often labeled the ‘love apple’. So what did Adam and Eve really eat?

So many questions, so much conflict it is no wonder this tale has so often been subverted and reused to sell everything from insurance to B-movies to soap to Christian dating services.


One response to “adam & eve + love apples –CONNECTION– halifax apartment photo shoot

  1. Love this shoots. A few seconds of “innocent” hesitate, one-by-one… and then… Blow: they did it!!! Adam is sad, Eve in passion bites fruit. Thanks!

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