Hitchens – CONNECTION –‘Christ’mas 200…. 7 I think


Paper crinkles and crushes: red, green and gold. I cringe because I hate when presents are torn apart with no regard for the future of its pretty wrapping. Thrown into recycling boxes instead of carefully folded and reused for something … creative. It is a wasteful season and one that is sometimes difficult not to wallow in. It’s not mine after all but many of us seem happy enough to use it as an excuse to throw money around excessively.

After a few delicate rips my father attentively pulls out God Is Not Great / NO I AM !!!! (That’s Hitchens …. He’s screaming from amongst those frilly pompous pages). Now wait a second … that’s not fair. Admittedly I have not read the book … yet … so the previous comment was a criticism of his character and the words that spill from his lips at each and every interview or lecture he attends. It is not meant to be a criticism of the book.

Accompanied with this gift is The God Delusion by DAWKINS and I Don’t Believe in Atheists by HEDGES. Dad has some homework to do.

Hitchens, through his biting and controversial remarks, has become a commodity in and of himself so why not roll some eyes at those sneers from his all-knowing pulpit (hmm … something familiar about that image isn’t there). I agree with some of his commentary but for the most part I am urged to look away.

I agree that powerful figures at religious institutions abuse their roles by using magical prophetical happenings to assert an agenda … but so do many institutions that do not use religion as a tool.  It’s Hitchens’s approach, which I find repulsive and relentless. Every speech is stilted and barely digs below the surface of RELIGION. Sure he can denounce it all as mystical, magical fluff but the reality is that all religions are attached to endless history filled with story and nuance. Hitchens enjoys blazing through nuance with a cutting and ‘witty’ tongue. He ends up sounding like a preacher at The First Church of Atheism. Yes there are atheist churches now.

My father was always an Atheist. Having read God Is Not Great, he is now an Agnostic … he thinks … for now. Now it’s my turn to read those pages.

Nothing wrong with a little doubt especially within a culture that often worships a patriarchical and decisive stance. I guess we all worship something or some things.


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