Crowded House– Connection: Red shag carpet and 1st Canadian summer.

I am 8 years old and my first year in Canada is flying by. Living like a ‘true’ Canadian, ‘up north’ in Fort St. James BC; at one time a fur trading capital. I didn’t know this at the time and if I had I wouldn’t have cared.
It is all very exciting still. All of the mysterious and magical white stuff has melted away. Even the awkward looking ice blocks, which sit at the edge of Stuart Lake until mid-May like mini icebergs, have disappeared.
I stand on the bright red shag carpet of my first Canadian apartment. It looks as if by the end of the week it will have grown to my knees. The volume is turned up on the stereo and I begin dancing like nobody’s business. Sister Madly, CROWDED HOUSE.
now you’re heading down to be someone
someone that you’ve seen in a magazine
your premonition is coming true
oh baby you’re not so green

Yes this is music that beckons me back to my first years settling into a new cultural reality. Soon to come…. Dancing up a storm to CHER’S If I Could Turn Back Time, PAUL SIMON’S Graceland album (still a favorite) and of course the great MIRIAM MAKEBA’S, Pata Pata. Not very Canadian I know, but whatever is around that can swing some hips is often good enough.
I didn’t care whether or not Crowded House was cool or sophisticated. It just made me move. I knew I looked absolutely brilliant swaying and twisting from side to side. With each jeté I could practically reach the stucco ceiling.
So there it is Crowded House connects to red shag carpet and the approach of my first hot summer in a little northern Canadian town.

miriam makeba



2 responses to “Crowded House– Connection: Red shag carpet and 1st Canadian summer.

  1. God I wish I was at that concert…

    I love Crowded House…

    Thanks for the memory…

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